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We provide services for dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, and other companions.  Please note that the prices listed are for basic services.  Special needs, including medications, two or more animals, or animals with behavioral issues will incur extra charges.  Call us for a consultation.



Group Hikes - 45 minute hike with a group of other dogs in a public park or on a hiking trail.  $32 per walk for your pooch.  We give discounts for additional dogs in your home and offer weekly rates for regular walks of more than two times a week.  Call for a quote.


Neighborhood Walks - 30 minute walk with your pooch around your neighborhood. $32 per walk for one dog.  Call us for quotes for additional dogs and weekly rates.



Home visit - 30 minutes with your cat in which we give fresh food, water, and change the litter.  We can also bring in your mail and water your plants while you are away.  $28 for once a day visits, $54 for twice a day.  Medications and special needs may incur an extra charge.  Call us for a quote.



We love to take care of all animals! Please contact us if you have pet needs for your non-feline/canine companion.  We'll be happy to help.



Going out of town? To ensure your animal is the most happy and relaxed possible, we offer Houseitting services.  We will stay overnight with your animal in their home while you are away.  For dogs, we will give a neighborhood walk in the evening and another walk in the morning, along with your pet's meals.  Rest assured that your pet and house will be safe and secure while you are away.  We're also happy to bring in the mail, water plants, or take care of other basic household  needs.  And no need to worry about safety: we are fully bonded and insured! $80 per night for one dog or cat.


Pet Taxi

Does your four-legged friend need a trip to the groomers or a check up at the vet? No worries! We can take them! We're happy to provide a taxi service for your animal while you are at work.  Please call us for a quote on individual services.



Going out of town during a major holiday and don't know who can take of your pet? Not to worry: we work holidays as well! Call us to schedule special services.

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